10 Cheltenham Festival Fashion tips: Feel fashionable yet comfortable

10 Cheltenham Festival Fashion tips: The Cheltenham Festival is always at that awkward time of year, between the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.

Ladies, we understand how difficult it can be to dress for this time. You want to wear your new, fashionable wrap tie mini skirt, yet you don’t want to worry about being freezing cold, which can ruin your day. Should you wear high heels, wedges, flats, boots or even wellies?! The choices are too much. So we’re here to help with our 10 Cheltenham Festival Fashion tips.

The following 10 Cheltenham Festival Fashion tips have all sorts of suggestions about what you should wear to keep warm whilst still looking and feeling lovely.

  1. It’s March. The weather is usually still quite cold. Opt for a hat that serves a purpose rather than just ‘looking nice’. Felt or fur hats are always a winner. For a more casual look, you can wear a trilby. Avoid fascinators and veils unless it is higher than about 17 degrees.
  1. Tweed is always a great option for the winter races. It’ll keep you warm yet stylish. Perhaps go for a tweed jacket, or even a pair of tweed jodhpurs (just avoid overdoing the tweed!) to wear with some leather, heeled knee-high boots.
  1. Afraid of tweed? It isn’t a necessity! There are plenty of alternatives such as faux fur jackets, or even a leather one. You should be comfortable and warm as well as look great.
  1. In March, strappy sandals will probably be a no-go, unless, again, it’s over around 17 degrees (an unusual occurrence in March). If your feet get cold, that’s the day ruined. Leather boots with a heel (not the stiletto sort, unless you want to get stuck in the mud) always look nice whilst maintaining comfort. If you really have to wear heels, wedges are a great option. The platform keeps your feet away from the wet grass and the wedge means you won’t get stuck.
  1. If you are wearing a hat, make sure it fits properly. It shouldn’t be too tight, but similarly, if it’s a windy day, it’ll drive you mad if you keep having to hold onto it!
  1. Driving gloves came back into fashion a couple of years ago. A leather pair can look really lovely with a formal coat and a pair of heeled leather boots.
  1. Keep your outfit simple and classy. Try to avoid ridiculously short skirts, skimpy tops or too much animal print.
  1. Don’t out rule trousers. Trousers always seem to get overlooked as a part of ‘races fashion’, but buy a pair of tailored, ‘Cigarette’ trousers and team them with a pair of boots and a blouse. Stylish and funky, yet warmer than a skirt or dress.
  1. Wellies are always an option if you don’t mind not dressing up. But be careful with the type you buy. If you go with pink and blue polka dot, you risk looking like you got lost on the way to a festival. Keep it classy with a pair of dark green or black wellies. Still want to wear a heel? You can buy wellies with built in wedges.
  1. Remember your umbrella! You’ve looked at the weather forecast, looked out the window in the morning, and all looks clear. But then, halfway through the afternoon, the rain starts and you weren’t prepared. Umbrellas can look lovely if you match them with the colours you’re wearing. And these days, you can buy the fold-up ones that fit perfectly into a handbag. You won’t regret it. Just be careful you don’t spook the horses if you manage to get close to them. The jockey will not appreciate it.

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