2018 September Subscriber Prize Draw

It’s back to school and back to normality for us, after a bit of a hectic summer. So, with that in mind, we’re firing up our Subscriber Only Prize Draw again.

Prizes that have been won so far this year: Handbags, books, makeup, designer jewellery, skincare, home accessories. It’s a mixed bag, but we try to make sure that everyone loves what they receive!

Just to let you know, we’ll be asking for a phone number from now on for all of our competitions and prize draws. This is because we’ve had some really great time-critical prizes this year, and quite a few people have won those prizes and then not claimed them in time – because they used an email address that they don’t look at very often for entering the competition.

We want everyone to get a chance to claim the prizes they win, so we’ll be collecting phone numbers as a backup plan. We promise we will never share your data. Here’s a link to our Privacy Policy. Here’s a link to our Competition Terms and Conditions. By entering any competition, you are deemed to have accepted them.



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