Race Day Hamper

5 Simple Indian Snack Food for Your Race Day Hamper

Race Day Hamper: With the warmer season soon approaching, one pastime that is still as popular as it was back in the 12th century, is the equestrian competitive art of horse racing. Flocks of people flood the stands for a day out with friends and family and even a little bit of race betting.

With popular race events such as the QIPCO Guineas Festival coming up in Newmarket in early May or the auspicious crown jewel of English summer horse racing event Royal Ascot coming up in June, all eyes will be on the tracks.

One thing that has definitely changed is that horse racing events in the past were whole day occasions. However, these days they can be whole week occasions, with some lasting up to five days, all dependent on the weather.

The hunger pang rescue

If you are planning on spending the entire week on the tracks then some prior preparation is needed, especially when in hot weather. Sitting in the heat all week requires some cold food to go with the experience. A snack day hamper can certainly come in handy. These cold food snacks come from the best Indian food has to offer. So whether you’re preparing them yourself, picking them up from a local supermarket or ordering them through something like Deliveroo, this Indian food should make its way into your hamper.

These five simple Indian snacks are perfect for your day out in the stands and offer enough nutrients and energy to sustain you the entire day.


These well-sized triangle-shaped delicacies offer some crunch and plenty of filling. You can fill them with either chicken, mince or corn and mash. You can also pack them with a side of coleslaw or a creamy yoghurt dip. They are a great snack which can easily be stored and eaten either warm or cold.

Gulab Jamun

This sweet but filling ball of soft dough covered in a sweet syrup is the perfect weapon against losing your energy. They are also made of a combination of dough and milk-solid which means they are also as satisfying as they are tasty.


It is one of the Indian cuisine’s more intricate dishes to make and a recommendation would be to order them from a local Indian restaurant. The combination of gulab jamun and laddu is simply harmonious and the perfect addition of sweet and cold for your day out in the sun.


This thin bread is one of the healthier Indian snacks around, and it can be eaten with some curry or chicken. It is also easy to prepare and package, making it a convenient addition to your snack hamper.

Kakori Kababs

These tasty and succulent snacks pay homage to meat and take about 30 to 50 minutes to prepare. You can either choose to have them in minced lamb or mutton and packed with seasoning and flavouring before going into the fryer or the oven. They are great eaten warm, but they also have a phenomenal morning after tang to them.

So, there you have it, the tastiest Indian snacks to help you brave the heat and enjoy your day out at the races.

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