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6 Great Christmas Fun Ideas for Adults in the House

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Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year but that’s if you have great plans. With the chances of a white Christmas high in 2019, it is one long party season with family, colleagues, and friends. With the traditional activities becoming mundane, most families now look for creative ways to spend their Christmas. For instance, you can spice up the action at your party by visiting an online casino from the comfort of your home.

The excitement starts way back in November with shopping and other preparations. In the UK, nearly half of the Christmas shopping happens in November or earlier. Simply put, you should start planning early if you want to pull off an exciting Christmas party.

Fun and excitement come easy for kids. For adults, however, entertainment is a different matter altogether. Your older family members and friends have seen it all, and it can get difficult to find interesting stuff for them. If you want your party to rock, it is time to start thinking about adult games early enough. This guide offers a few ideas of party games you should consider for your Christmas party.

  1. “Would You Rather?” Adult Edition

Would You Rather?’ remains one of the most popular party games for several reasons. It is easy to start and suits every occasion. For the Christmas adult edition, it works well in a family setting, office, or with friends.

2. Holiday Storytellers

Christmas is a good time to share stories and experiences. This game offers guests an opportunity to show their prowess in telling the story. One person tells a story real or made up.  The next person retells the story but adds one extra sentence or detail at the end.

The chain continues with every next person trying to retell the entire story as told by the previous narrator without leaving any detail. The winner is the participant who can recall the entire story. 

3. Christmas Mad Libs — Naughty or Nice?

One way of letting people share their secrets is through form filling. Create a naughty form and give it to every guest and a pen. Let everyone fill it out and then shuffle the forms before sharing them out. Have a designated judge and let everyone read the form they now hold. These forms will get laughs, and the judge will select who wins. 

4. ‘Never Have I Ever’ Christmas Edition

‘Never Have I Ever’ is a classic party game and works every time. For a Christmas edition, it lets people loosen up and the one who has “ever” done something has to take a sip of their cocktail. 

5. Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

Music and Christmas blend well and you can use this fact to your advantage. The Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay is a classic and it can work with individuals or teams depending on the size of your party. Every member draws a Christmas carol and starts singing to earn points.

6. Ornament Guess

A guessing game is always an easy way to break the ice at a party. For your Christmas party, you can ask guests to guess how many ornaments are on your Christmas tree. Prepare a few gifts in advance for any surprise winner.

Final Thoughts

Worried about how to entertain your Christmas guests? These games are a good start. Make sure you pick a game everyone will enjoy. A simple Christmas game for adults will light up your party and create indelible memories.

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