The Cowl Neck Dress – Harmony for your Figure

Dresses that drape or have draping within the design are wonderful for day to evening wear; working in harmony with your figure whilst providing movement for your body.

One of these magic gems and wardrobe staple is the Cowl Neck Dress. The cowl, which is an inset of fabric, varies in depth, the drape being created by the additional fabric added, to allow for soft folds in either the front or back of the dress.

Now for a little bit of history… Draping is a technique dating back thousands of years, spanning African, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations, to name a few. A long length of fabric was wound around the body secured by tying or clasps, allowing for freedom of movement. The methodology was revolutionised for modernday fashion; a more structured method of draping fabric to a styled design, was introduced through the use of mannequins or draping on the body, cutting away excess fabric to reveal the form underneath.

Back to the cowl dress, it’s a design style that complements a large bust, the excess fabric, from the drape in jersey fabric for example, is soft and subtle in appearance. If the tummy area is of concern, the soft folds which are formed when the cowl is at the front of a dress conceal that which you would rather not have on display.

As for day to evening wear, it’s a style that works wonders in a professional environment; the cowl dress under a tailored jacket creates the illusion of wearing a scarf. At the same time the beauty of the design, is its transformation to a cocktail dress for an evening, such is its adaptability.

You may want to consider the depth of the cowl, back or front when wearing a bra, so as not to be on display. The softer and lighter the fabric, as with jersey, the more fluidity of drape all round.

A ‘go-to’ dress that suits a variety of body silhouettes.

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