Annual Horoscope 2017 – Gemini

2017 will be much of a mixed bag for many of you. May Gemini’s should have a peaceful time of things; early June people will have their own specific challenges; those born in the second week of June will be uncharacteristically quiet; and those born in the middle ten days of June are going to be under the microscope.

Saturn and Jupiter, combined at times with Uranus, will make life interesting to say the least, with a mixture of growth and restriction, so it seems that creativity will be forged from a combination of pressure and stimulus. One thing’s for sure – for most of you, it won’t be boring. The high point will be during Mars’ transit, from late April to very early June.

Pluto isn’t touching you in 2017.

Neptune will directly challenge those born between 2nd–4th June from March onwards.

Uranus is bringing opportunities to those born 15th–19th June from mid-April onwards.

Saturn is directly challenging those born after 11th June until the end of the year.

Jupiter will bring an element of growth and positive options to those born from 4th June onwards until the end of September.

Mars is with you from 21st April to 4th June.

Venus visits from 5th to 31st July.

Mercury is with you from 6th to 21st June.

New Moon is on 25th May.

Full Moon is on 3rd December.

Copyright Steve Judd 2016.

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