Annual Horoscope 2017 – Taurus

The generally laid back and quiet energy of 2016 continues into 2017, at least until October when Jupiter moves into your opposite sign and one to one interactions suddenly become more proactive.

There’s no sign of any major new opposition or challenge coming up for most of you and even those who are having difficulties should be able to persevere their way through.

Some of you are looking decidedly healthy from an astrological viewpoint, with increased psychological wealth and good physical health. Store your energy because from October you may need to call on your reserves.

The year’s high point will be over the last three weeks of March and the first three weeks of April.

Pluto is bringing healthy transformation to those of you born 7th–9th May.

Neptune will enhance the intuition of those of you born from 31st April–2nd May.

Uranus isn’t touching you this year.

Saturn also isn’t directly challenging you.

Jupiter will overly affect those of you born before 7th May from mid-October onwards.

Mars is with you from 10th March to 21st April.

Venus visits from 6th June to 5th July.

Mercury pays two visits to you, from 31st March–20th April and then from 16th May–6th June.

New Moon is on 26th April.

Full Moon is on 4th November.

Copyright Steve Judd 2016.

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