Annual Horoscopes 2017 – by Steve Judd

Annual Horoscopes 2017 – by Steve Judd

Annual Horoscope 2017 – The Global Outlook

After the Saturn/Neptune square inspired dross of 2016, it’s refreshing to move into a new year, especially one that’s (dare I say it) so full of hope!

The nearly year-long trine from Saturn to Uranus, both in fire signs, will on the one hand bring an element of personalised structure into some of the chaos of recent times, whilst at the same time revolutionising our limitations. The corresponding sextile from Jupiter to Saturn, lasting until September, will also have a hopefully positive influence on the economies, both global and personal.

Even the opposition from Jupiter to Uranus that will last from the start of the year until September has a positive side to it, one that amplifies the need for change and futurism. The square from Jupiter to Pluto that last until August will keep us on our toes and continue the forced transformation of old world ideas concerning nation states, borders and government. To quote Above & Beyond ‘when viewed from space, the planet has no borders’.

Mercury stops going retrograde on 8th January. It goes retrograde again on the 9th April, stopping on the 3rd of May, then retrogrades again from 13th August to 5th September. The final retrograde of the year is from the 3rd to the 23rd of December.

Venus goes retrograde on the 4th March and moves forward again on the 15th April.

Jupiter goes retrograde on 6th February to the 9th June.

Saturn goes retrograde on 6th April to the 25th August.

Uranus goes retrograde on 3rd August.

Neptune goes retrograde on the 16th June until the 22nd November.

Pluto goes retrograde on the 20th April until the 28th September.

The lunar eclipse (partial) on 11th February is a really nice one, trining Saturn and Uranus and sextiling Jupiter, and brings hope into some of the world’s difficult situations. The lunar eclipse (partial) on 7th August is difficult, opposing Mars and trining Jupiter, with slightly religious and warlike undertones to it.

The solar eclipse (near, but not quite total) on 26th February is a bit difficult, being conjunct Neptune and may lead to a brief period of global uncertainty whilst the solar eclipse on 21st August (total) is very strongly trine Uranus and should offer new approaches and outcomes to many of the ongoing world situations.

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