Aquarius Annual Horoscope 2017

Along with Leo, your opposite sign, you’re the most fortunate sun sign to be in 2017. A blend of Jupiter, Saturn and especially Uranus is smiling on you, bringing windows of opportunity.

If you take them you will prosper, and if you don’t then you lose nothing except for the knowledge that years like these only come about rarely and you may end up regretting missed chances.

A positive mental attitude breeds positive outcomes, and you’re in a good position to boost your options, at least until October from when onwards the year takes a little bit of a nosedive.

Take your chances during 2017; it’s one of the best years for a long, long time. To quote Above & Beyond – ‘we are all we need’.

Pluto isn’t touching you during 2017.

Neptune, similarly, isn’t touching you directly in 2017.

Uranus is bringing lovely windows of opportunity to those born 13th–17th February.

Saturn brings structure and discipline to those of you born from 10th–17th February.

Jupiter is helpful to those born from 2nd February at least until early October, after which he tests those of you born before the 5th February.

Mars doesn’t visit during 2017.

Venus leaves Aquarius on the 3rd January.

Mercury is with you from the 7th–25th February.

New Moon is on the 28th January.

Full Moon is on the 7th August and it’s a partial eclipse.

Copyright Steve Judd 2016.

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