Annual Horoscope 2017 – Cancer

2016 has been a really difficult year for many of you, and I’m afraid that this energy of pressure, challenge and the unpredictable continues until at least halfway through 2017.

You can complain all you like, but that won’t help. So metaphorically hide under the blankets and pull your shell over yourself, or else get out there and get stuck in.

Achievements that are born of hard effort will become strong and stable for the long term future, so if you’re going to do anything substantial, do it properly or not at all.

From September onwards the pressure gradually eases, and 2018 whilst not easy will be a lighter year. The high point of 2017 will be during the Mars transit from early June to mid/late July.

Pluto will directly challenge those of you born from 9th–11th July all year.

Neptune will smooth its way harmoniously into the lives of those born 3rd–6th July.

Uranus brings an unpredictable element in the lives of those born 17th–20th July from April onwards.

Saturn isn’t touching you this year – you’ve got enough to deal with!

Jupiter will overly influence those of you born after the 5th July until the end of September and from early October brings growth and expansion to those born before 8th July.

Mars is with you from 4th June to 20th July.

Venus visits from 31st July to 26th August.

Mercury enters Cancer on 21st June and leaves on 6th July.

New Moon is on 24th June.

Full Moon is on 12th January.

Copyright Steve Judd 2016.

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