Capricorn Annual Horoscope 2017

With Pluto just over half way through your sign (only another seven years to go), the intensity and pressure of this influence is becoming almost manageable to the point where sometimes you don’t even notice it.

The ongoing square from Jupiter to Pluto, which impacted on many of you in late November of 2016, will continue to hang around until early August and this aspect will make things a bit pressure cooker-like for some of you. Yet many of you, especially those born in December, will be wondering what the fuss is about?

From August onwards the hype and the spin dies down, temporarily at least, but be aware – in mid-December, Saturn enters Capricorn – he’s coming home during 2018.

Pluto is directly affecting those born from the 7th to the 9th of January in life-changing ways.

Neptune is empathically helping those of you born from the 2nd–4th January.

Uranus will directly challenge those of you born from the 14th–18th January, so loosen your bonds…

Saturn moves into your sign in mid December 2017 – he’s coming…

Jupiter challenges those born from 4th January onwards to keep things in perspective, then from early October brings elements of growth to those born before 7th January.

Mars doesn’t visit during 2017.

Venus ends the year in your sign, from 25th December onwards.

Mercury begins the year with you until 4th January, re-enters Capricorn on the 12th January and leaves on the 7th February.

New Moon – there isn’t a new moon in Capricorn in 2017!

Full Moon is on 9th July.

Copyright Steve Judd 2016.

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