Have you ever made a fashion faux pas at the Cheltenham Festival?

GEORGIE: Oh yes! I once wore something as it was lucky for a particular horse that was running, but it was very mild weather that year at The Festival and the outfit was too warm and so I was uncomfortably hot all day. The good news though, was that the horse won!


MEALLY: Yes I have worn a dress so short it looked like a top! All my girlfreinds raised their eyebrows when they saw me and I even got a few dodgy comments. I remember I did not take my coat off until at least the fifth race! And after a few glasses of champagne!!

Keep summer outfits for better weather –
Liz at Ascot

I don’t really think there is a no no… I think as long as you feel comfortable and warm, and you’re not in a bikini or anything too wild, it will be fine.


LIZ: For me, the only faux pas’ I’ve made are when I don’t have enough clothes on so can’t enjoy the day as I’m freezing cold!

Personally I really like outfits that are simple and classy and am not keen on ‘look at me’ type outfits that involve heels that are too high, tops that are too low, or too much animal print!

The Aintree Festival is the time for going bit mad, but The Cheltenham Festival is the time for looking elegant and keeping warm.



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