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Couture Comment: A Colourful Wardrobe Can Give You An Energy Boost

Colourful Wardrobe: The colours we wear can have a tremendous benefit for our wellbeing, that’s a fact.

In the ’80s men and women were having colour analysis for the garments they wore, matching hair colour, eyes, skin tone; all with the proviso of bringing out your sparkle, making you stand out. It’s a style practice that is still very much in focus today, however, a colourful wardrobe is only the beginning.

For those of you who have visited my website, or seen some of my garments you will clearly appreciate that I am not shy when it comes to the use of colour, or patterns. I describe the fabrics in the ready-to-wear collections, as ‘fabrics with personality’, they are bold, bright and colourful, purposely so. I want for you to stand out from the crowd.



Think about how colour gets you noticed, you’re at a racing event in the enclosure, someone is describing one of the guests, she’s the woman in the red dress, or he’s the man wearing the floral blue shirt, suddenly you are not scanning for the look of the person, but the colour associated with that person; but that’s only one aspect of colour.

When you are decorating a room, you will hear phrases such as it creates a warm feeling, or it will leave a room feeling too cold, that’s powerful. So what about colour as a form of energy? Going back to the colour Red, it’s a colour that draws attention, and if you are not used to such a bold colour it can feel a bit overwhelming. The colour Brown is associated with nature and the earth, so more grounded; Green speaks of springtime and freshness, think of a herb garden. Even the food we eat has colour.

Let’s translate the power of colour to what we wear: what colour are you wearing right now? One thing is for sure, it is unlikely to be a colour that you do not like! I was speaking with a woman recently who said to me that on a grey day she will wear the colours red and yellow, as it not only lifts her mood, the colour yellow reminds her of sunshine. I learned more about the power of colour especially in clothing through my friend and colleague Eudes Labadie a Colour Energy Therapist, there’s a YouTube video that explains in more detail how colours can raise your energies,

What’s the most dominate colour in your wardrobe, and how does it make you feel? I’ve had clients say to me, I love this or that colour but could never wear it, or it looks good on so and so, but I couldn’t possibly carry it off. So here’s a challenge for you: the next time you go shopping for clothes, try a colour that you like but would perhaps shy away from; place the garment next to your face, then hold the garment against your body and look in the mirror. What’s your reaction, does it make you smile, do your eyes appear to be brighter, do you feel more aware of your body, do you think ‘I couldn’t possibly’? These are very subtle clues as to your relationship with colours. We often need to step out of our comfort zone in order to welcome change. Our clothes and the colours we choose can not only boost our energy levels but also enhance our personality.

I would be interested to learn of your experiences with colour, share your findings with us here at Eclipse magazine.

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