Eau des Cheveaux is Scent in Style

Spring is here and with it come dreams of sunshine, fresh air and… your favourite horses?

A recent online survey by www.EclipseMagazine.co.uk found that one of the things owners and riders love most about horses is their smell!

Fragrances associated with our equine friends included fresh-cut grass, leather saddle-soap and the scent of the warm horse itself. Also popular were the smells of haylage, sugarbeet and minty herbal treats for horses.

When this information was shared with Scent in Style, an independent British perfumier based in Cheshire, the challenge was raised to create a perfume that encapsulated the classic notes of our favourite equine aromas.

“Scents are extremely emotive – of experiences and memories for example,” said Poppy Maitland of Scent in Style, “so people can be transported back to happy days spent with horses by a mere whiff of saddle soap!

“Horses have a very distinctive smell ¬– and I don’t mean the muck!

“There is something friendly and calming about the ‘scent of horses’ and we have tried to replicate the essence of that in the new Eau des Chevaux.”

The new perfume has been developed by Scent in Style whose scents are renowned for their roots in British heritage and their organic ingredients. To be launched at this year’s Guineas Festival in Newmarket (3 & 4 May) – featuring the Classic 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas races – Eau des Chevaux looks set to become a British Classic itself, offering scents of sunny days infused with attractive equine undertones:

  • Top note: Fresh green grass, mint, crisp apple
  • Heart note: Hay, rose, daisy
  • Base note: Leather, vanilla, honey, white musk

The beautiful bottle also encapsulates the horsy theme with a stirrup iron embracing a handblown glass container and a stopper detail reminiscent of the stirrup leather and buckle.

“This is a beautiful product which really brings the joy of being around horses alive,” said Karen Grace, Fashion & Beauty Editor for www.EclipseMagazine.co.uk.

“There’s something compelling about the sweet smell of horses, and with the leather and saddle-soap undertones it’s rather sexy too!”

Priced at £89.00 the Limited Edition Eau des Chevaux is available to buy now from Eclipsemagazine.co.uk – click here for more details.

The first 50 orders will also receive a leather presentation box, so your perfume is truly ‘Scent in Style’.

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