The No 1 best-selling gambling book of 2009, Enemy Number One: The secrets of the UK’s most-feared punter, by Patrick Veitch, is now available in paperback.

Enemy Number One offers a distinctive and fascinating insight into Veitch’s life of professional gambling – spiced with a year spent in hiding from a dangerous criminal – and demonstrates the intelligence, diligence and cunning of the author that has enabled him to succeed where so many have failed.

Veitch is no ordinary punter. A Cambridge scholar and mathematician, he has studied gambling as a science, refining, reworking and carrying out his coups with tactical skill and military precision. Enemy Number One documents an eight-year period of profits in excess of £10 million including numerous £100,000-plus wins. It also chronicles the tactical headaches of placing bets using Veitch’s huge network of agents and sub-agents to beat the bookies time and time again.

The ‘Keyser Soze’ of the betting world has had no comfortable ride though, as just a short while after becoming a full-time punter he was the victim of an extortion attempt – “£70K or his legs” – by a dangerous criminal who was subsequently tried twice for murder and later convicted of attempted murder. Veitch was forced to flee and go into hiding, returning to Cambridge to testify in a bulletproof jacket with police protection.

With his tormentor behind bars, Veitch, in dire financial straits, resolved to take on the bookmakers in his comeback year on a greater scale than ever before. And won.

Enemy Number One details his role as the man behind the famous Exponential coup; winning the Scoop6; his success as an owner/punter and his own betting theories on why he feels the approach of most punters is fatally flawed and the approach that is needed in order to succeed. He also provides in-depth coverage of a full day of work in his chosen profession. For anyone who likes the occasional punt or who takes gambling seriously, and has both the ‘brain surgeon’ and ‘mad axe man’ capabilities to do it, there is much to be learned from this.

Told in Veitch’s own candid ‘ice cool’ style, Enemy Number One by the ‘king of the racecourse coup’ is the definitive work from a highly successful professional gambler.

Enemy Number One: The Secrets of the UK’s Most Feared Professional Punter by Patrick Veitch published in paperback is priced £8.99 and available at

“A fascinating insight into the mind of someone whose brain ticks a whole lot quicker and precisely than most.” John Francome

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