They say ‘The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul’, so let’s dress and frame those windows with lush long lashes and beautiful bold brows.

Coming to our aid this summer are the new Benefit Brow collection and Lushes London mink lashes.

All of a Flutter with Lushes London

UK based beauty company ‘Lushes London’ launch their 100% Mink 3D eyelashes.

To put your mind at ease, NO minks are harmed in the making of these eyelashes. The 100% natural Serbian Mink fur is procured by either gently brushing the minks or collecting from zoos during the shedding season and thoroughly sterilized. The lashes are hypoallergenic and free from chemical processing and dyes.

The collection consists of three styles (pictured above, from left to right): ‘Kinda Sexy’, ‘Spoil Me’ and ‘Ever Yours’. Price for each set is £24.99.

Kinda Sexy

Slightly longer at the outer corners to create a glamorous feline look. Purrrfect for an evening out.

Spoil Me

An all-rounder for that transition from working day straight to night out, providing fuller and longer lashes without being too dramatic.

Ever yours

Enhances your natural lashes with a simpler style for an everyday look.

Available from – click here

Raising a few eyebrows with Benefit

Benefit has created an extensive Brow Collection to magically transform skimpy, patchy or barely there brows to the perfect fuller brow.

Gimme Brow £18.50

A brush-on gel containing micro fibres to volumise and tame brows by adhering to the skin and hair. Long wearing and available in light, medium and dark shades to tint the brows.

Available from Boots – click here

Goof Proof Brow Pencil £18.50

Super easy brow filling and shaping pencil available in six shades making it easy to match most colouring. Soften the colour by blending with the spoolie-brush attached to the other end. Also states it provides up to 12 hours of waterproof wear.

Available from House of Fraser – click here

Precisely My Brow Pencil £18.50

This ultra-fine pencil allows you to fill in the brow blanks with defining hair-like strokes. Available in six smudge-proof shades. If necessary blend with the spoolie-brush attached to the other end.

Available from Debenhams – click here

BrowVo Conditioning Primer £21.50

Use this clear gel at bedtime as a brow conditioner and also during the day as a primer under brow make-up to enhance colour and extend wear. Contains keratin and soy protein to help brows look thicker, healthier and fuller.

Available from Boots – click here

Brow Zings £24.50

This handy pocket-size compact is perfect for travel and includes everything you need: pigmented soft wax to shape and define the brows; powder to fill in the brow; extendable dual-ended brush to apply the wax and powder; plus a pair of mini slant tweezers to pluck any stray hairs. Available in six shades with the wax and powder matched to complement each other.

Available from Debenhams – click here

Ka-Brow! £18.50

A cream gel with a built-in brush to fill, sculpt and define the brows. Stop at the soft and natural look or boldly continue brushing to create a more dramatic look. Six shades available.

Available from House of Fraser – click here

Ready, Set, Brow! £18.50

With a 24hr staying power, this clear gel shapes and sets the brow hairs in place.

Available from Debenhams – click here

3D-BrowTones £18.50

Depending on which shade you choose, this magic wand will enhance lighter brows or soften the look of darker brows with subtle highlights. Available in two shades, light and medium.

Available from Boots – click here

High Brow and High Brow Glow £17.50 each

Enhance those perfect brows with one of Benefit’s two brow highlighting pencils. High Brow in Linen Pink for a more natural looking finish or High Brow Glow in Champagne Pink for that glamorous luminous look.

Available from House of Fraser – click here

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