Headonism, a British Fashion Council initiative curated by Stephen Jones, celebrated the new wave of emerging British milliners by showcasing them at London Fashion Week. For AW17 the following talented milliners participated:

Stephen Jones – Titled: Haute Couture & Prêt-a-Porter

Inspired by the Fashion World, Stephen Jones named his hats after some of the top fashion designers of all time.

Elsa Schiaparelli –”I always say I’m inspired by everything, even a peanut butter sandwich”. Jones created a peanut butter sandwich hat for Headonism . The bread is of clipped sheepskin and suede. Peanut butter and jelly is couture embroidery by Prakash G Shetty.

Adrian (Adolph Greenberg), the famous costume film designer. A cap made from tulle, 35mm movie film and quill echoes the hat worn by Norma Shearer in George Cukor’s ‘The Women’.

Coco Chanel – a panne velvet boater with a camellia (Chanel’s favourite flower) in taffeta and a flying pearl to represent the pearls Coco wore.

Stockists include:

Stephen Jones at 36 Great Queen St, London WC”B 5AA

Fenwicks, 63 New Bond St, London W1A 1RQ


Laura Apsit Livens – Titled: Matter

Matter’s inspiration, exhibited in Headonism, is raw natural beauty found in the abundant wilderness. Untouched matter is in a constant process of time: wood rotting, metals rusting and earth eroding unveils majestic patterns and colour palettes which constantly change.

Crackle – this matador hat emulates the pattern made by cracked dry clay soil due to a drought.

Rust shows the beautiful rich colour created by oxidation.

Patina – a green beret with orange folded pleat representing the beautiful green film that develops on the surface of copper over a period of time.

Stockists include Fenwicks, 63 New Bond St, London W1A 1RQ


Harvy Santos- Titled: Composition

‘Composition’ draws inspiration from the late untitled works of Wassily Kandinsky as Santos combines sensual biomorphic forms with jaunty geometry to create wearable works of abstract expression.

Layout – stitched braid embellished boater made of acrylic, nylon, glass and hematite.

Carve – embellished forest green vagabond of melusine, wood and vinyl.

Form (unisex) – printed signature blocked cap in red felt and vinyl.

Harvy Santos is stocked in Fenwicks, 63 New Bond St, London W1A 1RQ



Sophie Beale Millinery – Titled: Wonder and Woe

Inspired by the dark and sensual sides of the fairytale, blending vintage inspired shapes and textures with a crisp modern twist. Styles range from felt fedoras to cocktail hats and party veils.

Sumptuous velvets are teamed with sharp metallic crown bands.

Vintage wool felts from Australia teamed with shiny metal crown band adorned with leather trims.

Wilde – dusty pink with dust pink cut brim and leather trim and leather bow.


The Season Hats – Titled: Harlequin Collection

In striking monochrome. Faux dupion silks unfold into bold but classically elegant event wear. Laser cut Italian leathers are inset with hand inlaid Swarovski pearls. Felts are blocked in the traditional manner shaping them into timeless trilbies, flat caps and wide brimmed hats.

Malina – laser cut teardrop unfolds like a traditional hand fan so is easy to store. The spokes of the fan are sewn individually in place. Finished with Swarovski pearl detail. Has a small leather base. Price £475.

Glynn – laser cut and etched lines allow this beret to fold into its 3D origami form. In dramatic black and white patent leather.

Tiffonia – a sculptural teardrop formed from three layers of structural laser cut Italian leather, pattern cut to sit comfortably against the head. Each piece is hand finished with graded sizes of Swarovski pearls.

Available to buy now, the Season Hats also offer bespoke colour options and finishes.


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