Milan Fashion Week
Spring/Summer 2018

POAN (Peoples Of All Nations) Titled: The Phenomenon of Man

Taking inspiration from the book ‘The Phenomenon of Man’ by French philosopher, palaeontologist and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, POAN’s designer Georg Weissacher brings his very own utopian philosophy by encompassing the past, the future and technology.

Prints range from mosaic-like motifs, to heavy wood grains in greens and blues, to brightly coloured computer electrical components.

With direct reference to Teilhard as a priest and drawing inspiration from the Vatican as shown in Sorrentino’s HBO Series ‘The Young Pope’, Wiessacher accessorises create a celestial silhouette with clerical elements. Models don wide circular brimmed hats with rounded crowns similar to the priest’s capello romano and drape long strips of cloth around their necks similar to a priest’s stole.

This collection is a Made in Italy production, with the majority of fabrics being in wool, cottons and linen.

Shapes are clean and sharp across suiting;

knitwear techniques coexist with sporty-like ensembles.

Gender fluid silhouettes, oversize shapes, clashing prints and futuristic gear.

Weissacher’s S/S18 collection aims to lift us through story which draws on the past and projects us into a new dimension of multi-cultural hints. He tries to embody the collection with a message that transcends the actual product, by thinking big about all of humanity – POAN stands for PEOPLES OF ALL NATIONS – while facing personal tasks with greater clarity and force.

 Diversity being the key to today’s happiness.

Di Liborio

Di Liborio reinterprets the classical men’s wardrobe with a sense of humour, expressing the spirit and energy of his world.

Materials are combined, overlaid, inlaid and embroidered.

The collection updates academic design trends, enriching them with innovative aspects.

 Colour palette is of earthy tones from ground khakis growing into blooming burgundies.

Accessorised with wooden beads, gladiator sandals or biker boots.

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