What do the stars have in store?

What’s in store for

October 2019?

Let reknowned Astrologer Laura Diana Soer show you where your luck lies this month with her exclusive Betting Horoscopes. Will you be a winner this October?

Your Leo Horoscope

Family secrets and unknown ancestry facts can come to light this month, Leo. Even though it may turn out that you'll have to sit down and listen to grandma's and grandpa's stories from way back at a family dinner. The revelation may bring you closer together or have...

Your Virgo Horoscope

You are having a good time, Virgo. At the beginning of the month you'll sail into calmer waters, Virgo. Mars will leave your sign on the 2nd, and that gives you the ability to start enjoying all the hard work you've handled and put in the previous month. You've...

Your Libra Horoscope

Sadly it's not the most relaxed Birthday Month, Libra. Even with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your own sign. A few party poopers are coming your way. And the central disturbances joining your path is coming from 'moody' neighbour sign Scorpio. Not only will it...

Your Scorpio Horoscope

Aren't you having a ball, Scorpio? Your power is still increasing, and you'll feel that almost immediately at the start of the Month. Communication planet Mercury is moving into your sign the 3rd of the October. This coincides with your ruling planet Pluto going...

Your Sagittarius Horoscope

The windows of opportunity are open again for you Sagittarius. Last month may have felt like a slower month for you, but that was only so you could see and embrace the real opportunity available for you. There's great luck available through communities, friend groups,...

Your Capricorn Horoscope

Saddle your horses and get ready for the ride, Capricorn! You've got a lot going on with Pluto going direct in your sign the 3rd of October. That's not all: you have Saturn and the South node in the mix and all come with an extra sauce of challenging aspects to other...

Your Pisces Horoscope

You may enjoy this month ahead, dear Pisces. Your sign has multiple fortunate encounters in the coming month, and you can use typical Pisces communication skills. What are those talents? It is when it sounds like you say a lot, but in reality, you are cleverly keeping...

Your Aquarius Horoscope

Rising star qualities may be prominent this month, Aquarius. Suddenly it seems like you are everyone's most desired guest and you'll get invited to numerous events. Quite the change in comparison with a few months ago. Ride the wave: if people love what you have to...

Your Aries Horoscope

A lot is happening with regards to your career, Aries. It's not 'sudden news', because you have been going back and forth about it for quite some time now. And some of you will have concluded that 'suffering in a work environment that isn't you', ends right here. For...

Your Taurus Horoscope

You may not quite feel like yourself this month, Taurus. And that may very well be because you are aware of the energy of change in your life. It's not just between your ears. It's real, and it's happening. Which may leave your nerves rattled and you are feeling...

Your Gemini Horoscope

Gemini, being an air sign, you'll naturally feel more attuned in months that are in the element of Air. The Sun in airy Libra gives some literal space and ease. Finally, people are getting off their 'oh-so-serious-soapboxes'. It's true, not everyone can shrug their...

Your Cancer Horoscope

The whole world is out to get you, and they are mean! That's how it feels, right Cancer? Like being back at school surrounded by bullies that think they can make you jump through hoops. Well, that may have been true when you were growing up, but those people may not...

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Laura Soer

Laura is a spiritual life coach, teacher, and healer who serves clients all over the world by giving clarity and healing old emotions. She has been on the spiritual path for almost 25 years, developed over 20 courses and hosts a monthly Moon Circle. Astrology is her go-to tool to see the big picture, look ahead in time, give people understanding and help determine best fitting directions. More information: www.lauradianesoer.com

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