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Horse Racing Betting Types Explained in Detail

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In an effort to get straight to the point, we will jump to the
different betting types:


This is the most popular of all bet-types and it includes a wager to see who will come in at first place. A Win bet is the option that allows you to win the largest pay-out if the odds are in your favour.


With a Place bet, the bettor selects a racehorse that he thinks will cross the finish line in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.


Each Way betting at Timeform is when a punter puts an equal amount of money on a horse to both Win and Place. If your horse wins you will receive your percentage of the Win and Place dividend. If it finishes at 2nd or 3rd place, then only a percentage of the Place dividend applies.

Exotic Bet Types

Exotic bets are more complex than the above 3 standard betting types. Because of the complexity, the pay-outs are often greater than single bets.


With a Quinella bet, the punter selects the 1st and 2nd horses to finish first (order doesn’t matter).


An Exacta is similar to a quinella. The only difference is that the bettor has to select the first two horses that make it over the line, in order.


To wager a Duet bet, the punter needs to select two of the first three horses to cross the winning line, regardless of the order. This wager results in three different types of dividends: 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, 1st and 3rd.


Probably the most popular exotic bet, a Trifecta bet is placed when a punter selects the first three horses home, in order.


The name speaks for itself in that this bet requires one to choose the first four horses in a certain order (these can be boxed but the rate per unit will also increase).


Daily Doubles require the bettor to select the winner of 2 races at the same meeting. Usually, these races will be the 3rd, last, and final race.


When placing a Running Double bet, then the punter has to choose the winner of consecutive races at an event. This is a pool-based bet type, and the dividends are determined by your respective tote.


Quaddies are very popular bet types and require the bettor to choose the winner of four nominated races. Traditionally, quaddies are placed over the last four races at a given meeting.


Like Quaddies, Trebles work on the same concept, except that they only require you to select the winner of three nominated races (the last three on a card).


Super 6 (also called BIG6) bets that can be compared to a lotto ticket. Again, these wagers run on the same principles as a quaddie with the difference being that you need to choose the winner of six nominated races. These races can take place at one meeting or at a combination of meetings.

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