Horse Racing and Betting

Horse Racing and Betting

Horse racing is the sport of kings. It is the fusion of man and animal as they work to triumph over their opponents. It’s a sport of determination, skill, speed and endurance and is watched and practised all over the world. The sport dates back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Babylon, showing that people have always loved it. Horse racing today is a billion dollar industry that has races being held across the globe every day in various leagues, events and cups. Prize money can vary hugely and some races can be life changing. Competitors will practice around the clock to improve their silks and there will always be a race to test the prowess of both rider and horse.

What has long been an important aspect of horse racing is betting. Placing wagers on races and games has been in human culture for as long as there has been human culture and it has always been a big aspect of this sport. People will bet for as a one-off, as a hobby or even professionally. A lay person may select a horse with an amusing name, select on the basis of the jockey’s jersey or simply go off the odds. You could pick a horse with good odds or choose one with lower odds on the chance they win for a larger pay out. For those in the know, they will study the sport extensively. They will consider the jockey and horse’s skills, experiences, recent results and more in order to make informed choices to get more consistent payouts.

People from all walks of life will engage in gambling. The Grand National will bring in many bets each year, especially for those who never watch or bet on horse races. It’s common for these people to make small bets, maybe even just £1, but for others it will get much larger. Many celebrities are fans of gambling and you can learn more at LadyLucks about four casino playing celebrities. Rugby League star Kieron Ford is one of them and has put up over $75,000 on horse and greyhound races. Placing large best isn’t the only way to win big, as some of the biggest payouts have come from betting on the underdog. Yorkshire local Fred Craggs won £1 million from just betting 50p on horse races and Darren Yeats from Morecambe won £550,000 from a £59 bet at Ascot 1996. You can try different ways of betting on horses with LadyLucks, as they have horse themed slots, giving you a chance to partake even when there isn’t a race.

Horse racing and gambling are a staple of our culture and it’s a safe bet that it will be around for as long as humans are.

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