How to look good in Trousers

COUTURE COMMENT: How to look good in Trousers

Trousers, pants, slacks, some fashion historians say these bifurcated garments took their design from bloomers, and were adopted by Mrs Amelia Bloomer, a social activist for women’s reform whom it is suggested also felt that women should be less restricted in their clothing for certain activities. If you’d like to know How to look good in Trousers, read on…

It’s interesting to note nowadays that trousers are seen as the norm in replacing a skirt, yet there was a time when ‘women wearing trousers’ was an absolute no-no as a form of dress, especially in the workplace. Even more interesting are shorts today: they were once an item worn on holiday and are now made in heavier fabrics creating a staple garment piece in the wardrobe. How times have changed! But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fit.

Well cut trousers, with a good crotch length can do wonders, they will make you look superb and more importantly are a joy to wear. The expression ‘does my bum look big in this?’, has caused many a man to know the importance of investing in a good sofa, or for a well meaning girlfriend a frosty reception on a night-out! Bottoms come in all shapes and sizes, from small peaks, to pert peaches, to proud rounded buttocks… regardless of the shape, what constitutes a good fit for your trousers, is the length of the crotch seam line. Without doubt, it’s the most important element of ‘How to look good in Trousers’.

The crotch seam line runs from the front of your waistline (or hips if hipsters) and travels to the centre back of your waist or hip.  If this seam is too short, you will find that when you bend down, your undergarments become the focal point, which is why if the waistband has belt carriers it is best to wear a belt, as this will help to anchor in place the waistband. If you have a little bit of a tummy, the crotch seam will need more fabric allowance to compensate for this, and the same applies to your derriere, the more rounded your bottom, the more fabric is needed in the crotch seam. That’s why when you see a woman constantly adjusting her trousers or jeans (pulling it up to its original point) the trousers can be too tight and the crotch seam too short.

How to look good in Trousers

There are many styles of trousers, some ladies prefer pleated fronts, some flat fronts, some gathered at the waist, it all depends on the look you are aiming for as they all have their merits. Pleated fronts can help to fill out a tiny frame from the waist giving volume, a deep front pleat can help if you have a bit of a tummy in terms of comfort, as opposed to a narrow pleat which will be distorted because of the tummy. A flat fronted trouser with a wide trouser leg can look really good if your tummy is of concern, also think about the height of shoe you will wear, as, if the trouser leg is too wide when worn with flatter shoes it can shorten the look of your torso (this also depends on your overall height).

Gathered trousers can be flat fronted and gathered at the back of the waist or gathered all the way round. As with all garments, it is a matter of personal choice, but gathering does add volume in the waist area.

Hipster trousers can be trickier to wear, they usually have a short fly front zipper which means there’s a distance created between your waist and hips with little anchorage, because of movement, bending, lifting, stretching.

Fitting elements to bear in mind are the trouser legs: how does it feel around your thighs, do they glide over your legs or is there a bit of gymnastics going on? The width at the ankle, along with the shoes you will wear. The length of the trousers – if they are too long, get them shortened as opposed to having the hem drag on the floor. If there at belt carriers use them, as a belt gives additional support. How do they feel at the waist? If your trousers are squeezing you in at the waist when standing up, it will only get worse when sitting down, making them uncomfortable, especially when travelling.

There’s a lot to think about when working out How to look good in Trousers. A great fitting pair of trousers make you stand tall, are comfortable to wear, and made in a fabric of quality are an investment. You can also create a variety of looks with the tops or blouses you wear.

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