Add sparkle to Christmas with a fine piece of jewellery – whether treating yourself or a loved one!


This 1900s brooch has diamonds of an unusually good quality and size for that time. Clearly made to order for a member of the British Aristocracy, it would have been a great conversation piece as Racing was then a newish sport and one for only the wealthiest in society.

With enamelling presumably in the owner’s racing colours, wonderful detailing includes the creases in the breeches, the yellow gold reins and bridle and the rider’s whip. Whilst the front setting is silverm the frame is 15KT rose gold. The brooch also still has its original safety pin and chain, along with original box.

WE SAY: It’s rare and of outstanding quality… We’re betting this will be a winner with the lucky recipient of this gorgeous gift!

PRICE: £3,950 from The Vintage Lions via Etsy.


This timeless pair of sterling silver earrings showcases the Smoky Quartz stone framed by layers of delicate cubic zirconia. They are the perfect accessory for the Autumn/Winter season, adding warmth to the seasonal style.

WE SAY: The versatile colour of the smoky quartz means you can glitz up a tweed outfit at the races, or add sparkle to an evening party outfit. #RockItForRacing

PRICE: £155 from H.Azeem.


Choose from a range of ‘pebble’ pendants that can be personalised with letters or messages, and individual Script style letters. Available in sterling silver, yellow gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil you can mix and match to create a unique gift, and add to it with new charms to mark special occasions in the future.

ECLIPSE TIP: You might like to add their limited edition Christmas Tree decoration to your gift as well!

PRICE: From £45 each, from Dower & Hall.


Made from a genuine vintage brass locket and golden horse charm, this locket has tarnished over time to a rich bronzed brown, while the inside is still bright gold for a striking combination.

The locket can be personalised with your own photos, using a special technique to transfer them onto the metal of the pendant itself, for a unique vintage effect. Parts of your image will merge with the golden brass behind, creating a very beautiful, ununsual and ethereal look.

The necklace is available in a choice of chain lengths.

ECLIPSE TIP: Although there is only one of these, other lockets in a similar style are available from this designer.

PRICE: From £30, available from Silk Purse Sows Ear via Etsy.


Elegantly styled, the Farah bangle is an understated piece of fine silver jewellery from equestrian jeweller Sylvia Kerr.

Sylvia’s collections showcase her obvious passion for nature and a lifetime love of horses, which are celebrated through individual works of art. Pieces are designed to sit alone or be worn with co-ordinated pieces including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches.

ECLIPSE TIP: Working with silver, gold and diamonds, Sylvia also creates bespoke jewellery or can adapt family heirlooms into contemporary designs – perfect for marking a special occasion (winning horse anyone?!).

PRICE: £285 from Sylvia Kerr Jewellery.

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