Leo Annual Horoscope 2017

You are perhaps the most fortunate sign of the zodiac during 2017, with a combination of Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter combining to bring windows of opportunity your way. If you take them you will thrive, and if you don’t then you lose nothing except chances.

There’s little sign of challenge or difficulty, perhaps the biggest problem could be complacency or apathy, where ‘manana’ becomes the buzz word. Things aren’t normally this good so grab 2017 by the short and curlies and make it a year that puts you on a new course, one that is much more 21st century.

By October things have simmered down, but until then hit the pedal to the floor. High point is from mid July to very early September.

Pluto isn’t directly touching you in 2017.

Neptune also isn’t happening in major ways for you in 2017.

Uranus brings positive chances to those born from 17th–21st August from April onwards.

Saturn will help in subtle ways those born from the 14th August onwards.

Jupiter brings hope and an element of fortune to those born from the 6th August until mid-October, after which he challenges those of you born before 9th August.

Mars visits from 20th July to 5th September.

Venus is with you from 26th August to 20th September.

Mercury enters Leo on 6th July and leaves on the 25th, revisiting again briefly from the 31st August to 10th September.

New Moon is on 23rd July and then again on 21st August – a near total solar eclipse.

Full Moon – partial eclipse – is on 11th February.

Copyright Steve Judd 2016.

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