Libra Annual Horoscope 2017

You would think that having Jupiter in your sign is a guarantee of growth and success, and for a few of you it will be. But remember that Jupiter promises more than it delivers, and it will only really start coming good in the third quarter of this year as it is preparing to leave Libra. Until then the philosophy of quality over quantity is a good dictum to live life by.

Some of you will find that 2017 fails to live up to expectations, whilst others will slowly and steadily build towards a stable future. The key to this all is to not rush, despite the temptations, and to know when to quit whilst you’re ahead. The key times of 2017 will be from late October to early December.

Pluto will be directly challenging those born from the 10th to the 12th October.

Neptune isn’t directly touching you during 2017.

Uranus will oppose the Sun of those born from the 17th–21st October onwards from April, so be prepared for an unusual year.

Saturn will consolidate and help those born from 15th–21st October in practical ways.

Jupiter is with you until mid-October, bringing both fortune and over-the-top situations to those born from the 7th October onwards.

Mars is with you from 22nd October to 9th December.

Venus visits from 14th October to 7th November.

Mercury is with you from 30th September until the 17th October.

New Moon is on 19th October.

Full Moon is on 11th April.

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