London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018: Starry Collections

London Fashion Week A/W 2018: Two fashion designers reached for the stars as their inspiration for their Autumn/Winter 2018 collections.

Apu Jan

Titled ‘Drifting in a Million Stars’ the collection tells a story about the distance between the stars.

Just a note – look closely and you can see Eclipse Fashion Editor (blonde hair) on the front row of the above image! Sorry we were drifting ourselves – now back to drifting in a million stars!

Tiny dots and sparkles remind us of the stars in the sky but Apu links them together emulating the connection with friends and family members online in messaging and social apps.

This collection has also been influenced by many different styles of science fiction literature such as those written by Philip K Dick, Isaac Asimov and Orson Scott Card, and their psychedelic imagination of the stars afar.

Jacquard, prints and natural draping create timeless silhouettes which may be interpreted as retro or futuristic. Look closely and you will see space, stars, orbital tracks, astronauts, stellar clouds, spaceships, sheep, trains and paper planes on the below print.

Fabrics consist of luxurious wools such as cashmere, merino, lambswool and also pure silk yarn in knit.

Photography credits: Simon Armstrong (catwalk images) and Chris Dawes (long shot image).


Dee by Dalia

Dubai Design Fashion Council (DDFC) in partnership with FAD Institute of Luxury, Fashion & Style Dubai (FAD Dubai) unveiled Dee by Dalia’s latest collection at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week.

Drawing inspiration from the universe, designer Dalia El Ali named her AW18 collection ‘Sirius’ after the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky.

Colour palette is rich hues of purple, pink and blue.

Interwoven with twinkling metallics and sequins.

Dalia states of her Sirius collection: “May we all shine and rise together”.

Photography credit: Simon Armstrong.

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