London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2018: Blood Brother

Titled ‘IT COULD BE YOU!!’ Blood Brother’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection at London Fashion Week Men’s takes a look into the quick wins and instant life change promised to us by the National Lottery.

The collection concentrates on the sinister side of immediate excess with the overindulgence that comes with a huge windfall and blowing it all on a luxurious lifestyle.

Graphic prints include scratch cards and player receipts, plus symbols of ostentatious success such as ‘Money Bags’.

Satin suit pieces feature the ultimate extravagance – a pet tiger, paying homage to the faded opulence of Las Vegas.

 Diamond quilted Puffas and ski suits in Rolex green and metallic gold, give a nod to luxury Chesterfield sofas.

The theme of garish luxury is shown in animal faux fur coats and snakeskin prints on jackets and trousers.

Repeat print Swarovski crystal embellishment across crisp white denim and luxurious tracksuits reflects the outlook of those with a penchant for life in the fast lane.

Blood Brother accessorises with large ‘stash-cash’ kit bags with scarves, hats and socks in bold sulphur yellows and knitted golds.

For a second season, Blood Brother has partnered with Cutler & Gross. For AW18, a selection of glasses has been chosen from their archive collection with a focus on vintage frames in translucent and coloured lenses for a retro feel.

Blood Brother has worked exclusively alongside luxury international shoe brand Jimmy Choo, featuring four styles including fur lined slip-ons and black patent leather loafers…

…And on the more casual side: military style boots and soft leather trainers in fresh whites, deep burgundy and black.

Photographers: Daniel Bruno Grandi @Theurbanspotter / Mohamed Abdulle / Thai Hibbert

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