London Fashion Week Men’s

London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2018: Highlights

London Fashion Week Men’s Autumn/Winter 2018 – Highlights.

Malan Breton

Titled ‘Omega’, this last letter of the Greek alphabet signifies the end of a journey to one’s clarity and self. The collection has a theatrical flair with inspiration drawn from Edwardian Tarot, the wizard Merlin and Chinese astrology.

Top Pick – matching his & hers suits.

Photos by Simon Armstrong.


This season sees D.GNAK’s designer Kang Dong Jun work mostly in dark velvets, rich tactile wools and also introducing jacquards.

Colour palette is black and white resulting in a shadow play of light and dark, opposing forces and natures. Embroideries are present alongside memento mori motifs like the skull and crossbones.

Top Pick – suit teamed with jacquard kimono.

Photographer: Mitchel Sams.

Alex Mullins

For AW18, Alex Mullins explores the relationship between the right and left functions of the brain. Logical, systematic, mechanical, smart clothing v imaginative, chaotic and spontaneous.

The right side focuses on creativity and fragmented thought, this is showcased through intensely colourful localised applications of smashed graphics and modular cut out detailing on shirts.

Top Pick – neon yellow tie-dye rollneck paired with Prince of Wales check jacket.

Oliver Spencer

Titled ‘Love is a Drug’ Oliver Spencer AW18 is a salute to the good times that Roxy Music and others shared in a city, London, that constantly motivates.

Spencer uses charcoal grey inspired by the city’s urban sprawl, contrasting with blues of the River Thames.

Accented with mustard, chocolate and creams for an autumnal flavour with burgundy accent to represent the rich vibrant hues of the city nightlife as London comes alive.

Plush velvet suits can be worn together or as separates.

Top Pick – cream corduroy suit.

John Lawrence Sullivan

AW18 takes inspiration from the mood and tones of films such as Twin Peaks and Taxi Driver, in which a natural born killer has multiple personalities. This is reflected through jeans with a different colour/fabric on each leg.

The AW18 collection employs a mixture of tailoring and cowboy elements.

Top Pick – leopard print coat.

Photographs by Everynight  Nick Andrews.

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