London Fashion Week Songzio – Men’s Autumn/Winter 2017

Titled: Misanthrope

Titled ‘Misanthrope’, the designer’s vision was the story of a young man, walking the cold yet serene street on an eerie morning of an unknown city. This stern and almost ascetic young man immersed in his own high sense of beauty and life finds himself charmed and warmed by the winter lights piercing the cold mist of dawn.

Conjuring up images of the beautiful and well dressed Dorian Gray, this romantic collection has a dark dapper touch reminiscent of the Victorian London era with high collared shirts, neckties and long flowing coats.

Each look represents the young misanthrope’s free and light conscience, cocooned by the heaviness of his own asceticism. The result is a collection that is dramatic and bold yet balanced with delicate artworks, depicted through dark armour-like outerwear and juxtaposed with light sensual, delicate art prints underneath.

In a moment of weakness, the lure of luxury, plush velvet jackets soften the young man’s ascetic exterior.

Free-flowing shirts are paired with voluminous trousers and long black coats that fall strongly from the shoulders.

Chunky knitted cardigans sporting medieval spaulder-like patches on the shoulder are worn with oversized crisp striped shirts and cravat ties.

The main colour palette is black with just a splash of browns, camel and light orange.

Blurring the boundaries of fashion and art and continuing with the designer’s concept, ‘Paint on Black’, each item of the collection emanates from the season’s original paintings, painted by Songzio himself.

The fusion of abstract art with modernist clothing is the brand’s unique signature style. From cold sharply tailored suits to romantic volumes, every season is another delicately curated exposition.

Our top picks for a day at the races are:

Cosy and warm double breasted coat with fur collar to keep the cold at bay.

Whilst the printed trousers may be too avant garde for a day at the races, the light orange polo neck works well with the chocolate brown coat, providing a simple sartorial silhouette.

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