London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Inspiration: Strong Women

London Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2019 Collections, Inspiration: Strong Women.

Omar Mansoor – ‘Coddington’

Inspired by Grace Coddington, US Vogue’s creative director for 30 years, Omar Mansoor injects just one colour into his SS19 collection – Red.

At first glance we all realise this bold primary colour is representing Grace’s iconic wild red mane, but Mansoor also goes deeper using red to symbolise her strength, passion, desire and determination – all characteristics of being a strong ambitious woman.

Modest necklines and full-length statement dresses offer both a practical elegant look for evening wear.

His diffusion line plays with a variety of lengths in a range of fabrics including chiffon, tulle, crepe and lace combined with embroidery.

Large sparkling sequins dancing loosely on sleeves, hems and the bodice of a jumpsuit.

Whilst red faux pearls are scattered over a gypsy style short dress.

How to #RockItForRacing

Show your own inner strength and dare to wear red at the summer races. Our top picks for a day at the races are:

Mansoor showcased his collection with Fashion International. Footwear: Lucy Choi London. Photo credit: Shahid Malik


Afrodite – ‘ Black Sparta’

African fashion brand Afrodite’s designer Lyly Ngoy was inspired by the women warriors of Dahomey, an eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Western African kingdom (present-day Republic of Benin).

An all-female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey, these Amazons out-drilled, out-shot and out-fought men and became frontline troops, battling tenaciously and with great valour until the kingdom’s defeat by France in 1892.

The collection is a merge of African tradition, history, and European modernism. Featuring bold, rich vivid African prints framed in beautiful silhouettes in a contemporary way.

How to #RockItForRacing

Bold patterns and daring silhouettes will make sure your outfit is a showstopper. Our top picks for a day at the races are:

Lyly Ngoy showcased her collection with Fashion International in the Ballroom of the Amba Hotel Charing Cross and is an emerging Congolese British designer who has an MA in Diplomacy and International Relations and is the motivation behind luxury contemporary African clothing brand.

Bora Aksu – ‘Papusza’ (1909–1987)

Inspired by the Romani poetess Bronislawa Wajs, aka Papusza, who led a nomadic Roma (gypsy style) life in Poland.

The collection features a mixture of vibrant floral prints and soft silk tulles and laces, representing Papuzsa’s nomadic self.

Shades of whites represent her early wedding aged 15 years.

Deep blue embroidery on white reflects her passionate determined side.

The combination of soft feminine fabrics and structured shapes add a sense of romance to the strong bold silhouettes. Much of the detailing is inspired by early 20th century Romani gypsy lifestyle and their symbolic dress code.

How to #RockItForRacing

On trend silhouettes combine with a strong sense of femininity. Our top picks for a day at the races are:

Hand embroidered needlework flowers adorn the knitted head pieces, and are created by Liria Pristine.

Photo credit: Chris Yates

Xu Zhi – Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)

Inspired by the American poet Emily Dickinson who lived a life uncommon for women born in the 1800s – choosing poetry and nature over marriage.

Embroidery and textures are inspired by the poet’s carefully pressed flowers that she lovingly categorised in a leather bound herbarium.

Main colour of the collection is white reflecting the local myth that Emily only ever wore white.

How to #RockItForRacing

Textured fabrics add depth within single colours, so you can change your look with different accessories. Top picks for a day at the races are:

Jewellery by Annie Costello Brown.

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