Business is booming in the male grooming world as men step up to the ‘beauty’ mark and pay more attention to their skincare routine. Here are a few new grooming products to try this summer:

London based grooming brand Daimon Barber have recently launched their new male skincare products: face concentrate, face cream and eye cream.

Facial Concentrate – to protect and restore

Use this concentrate alone, under moisturiser or as a pre-shave oil to reduce razor burn. Key ingredients include: Symrepair which helps protect the skin’s natural barrier from harmful effects of UV during the day whilst Ceramide complex repairs the skin at night. Price £40.

Face Cream – Anti Fatigue

Hero ingredient Myramaze leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. Regular use helps to strengthen skin that is stressed, attacked and depleted. Price £34.

Eye Cream – Anti Fatigue

Helps lift and firm the look around the eyes with the award winning Beautifeye active. The active helps reduce capillary leakages and accumulation of pigments responsible for uneven colouration and a tired appearance by stimulating detoxifying systems. Price £36.

Smooth v Rugged

Beards have been fashionable for many seasons and are not ready to be shaved off the sartorial scene any time soon. They do give the man a more rugged (and sometimes cuddly) look but gone are the days that men could just leave their facial hair to grow wild. A sartorial beard takes time and effort to perfect – using beard oils to soften the hair and trimmers to shape the beard in to a controlled rugged style.

Philips OneBladeTrim edge and shave any length of facial hair

Specially designed to suit the man who is looking to shape and tweak his longer facial hair in to the perfect style. OneBlade is designed to achieve a wide variety of facial hair styles: from 5 o’clock shadow to longer beards – all from one easy-to-use tool which can be used both wet and dry. Price £34.99 but at the moment Amazon is showing a special price of £29.99.

Clean shaven is still cool and brings a fresh look to any sartorial style. Plus, if you have a great skin complexion then why cover it up?

Gillette Fusion Proshield ChillFor a Fresh Clean Shave

For the man who loves the clean shaven look and wants to experience a smooth chill-out shave. The new Fusion ProShield Chill still has the Proshield lubrication before and after the blades to shield from irritation but also features a Cooling Technology which provides a refreshing feeling during the shave. This Cooling Technology is held within a lubrastrip after the blades and releases its chill factor during a shaving stroke. Price £12 from Boots.

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