Would you like to talk to a Niche Market worth £1.5 BILLION?

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Eclipse Magazine is an online magazine all about the Social Side of Horseracing, including a Curated Collection of fabulous designers, retailers and service providers who provide the luxuries (and necessities) that contribute to the Racing Lifestyle. Do YOU offer an extremely high standard of product or service that should be ‘Recommended for Racegoers’? Contact us at [email protected]

The Racing Niche

Horseracing is second only to Football for attendance and income in the UK.

In fact 4/10 of the Top Sporting Events in the UK are Horse Races.

About 5.6 Million people go racing each year.

They all want to look good.
They all want to look individual.
They all want to eat and drink well.

One in twenty of them book somewhere to stay overnight.

Can you help them with any of those things?

£1.5 BILLION Market

Racegoers spend about £248 million each year on transport, accommodation, food & drink, hair & beauty and other local services.

PLUS a further £1.25 billion on their racing lifestyle including outfits, picnic gear, gifts and other related items.

Would you like them to spend some of that with your business?

Who are we?

We are Eclipse Magazine, we’ve been online and talking about The Social Side of Horse Racing since 2008 and we are the UK’s first online magazine for both men and women that focuses on the ‘lifestyle’ and ‘fashion’ elements of horseracing including an attractive and exclusive curated collection of products and services for racegoers, both for racedays and for their lifestyle.

The website is uniquely positioned, independent and updated and promoted daily.

Who do we talk to?

We talk to racegoers – predominantly female ones, which is very unusual in this industry. Our readers are highly educated and typically they visit us while they are at work. According to Advertising Industry statistics, women make 85% of household purchasing decisions.

We talk to the ABC1 racing audience who love reading about fashion, food, drink, hotels and lots of other racing-related services.

Would you like them to know what YOU have got to offer?

How do we talk to them?

We have a clean list of active and engaged subscribers who we talk to on a monthly basis via e-newsletters delivered directly into their inboxes.

And then there’s Social Media… Our Twitter.com ranking is in the top 0.1% worldwide for Horseracing, Fashion, Equestrianism, Horses, Magazines, Cheltenham and Polo (Verified by Klout.com). Twitter ranks by quality of followers and degree of influence as well as number of followers.

We also promote to our audience through all the top social media channels, including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram etc.

Why we are different

We appeal to both men and women, spectators and participants as well as the people who run the Racing Industry themselves. However, our audience is ground-breaking in that the majority of our readers are female.

Our audience already has a definite need for your products and services, both on racedays and as part of their general lifestyle.


enables you to talk to our readers about your work in an uncrowded and high-quality marketplace, within an online magazine environment.

But don’t just take it our word for it, listen to our Non-Executive Director…

Clare Balding

has always refused to be affiliated to any publications, but she became our non-executive director and is thoroughly supportive of Eclipse.

(Thanks Clare 🙂 )

There’s a huge – and growing! – audience of people who really enjoy the lifestyle aspects of racing and who will go that extra mile to find just the right ‘thing’ for their Big Day Out – and Eclipse is often recommended as the place to start looking for it.

Eclipse brings a fresh outlook and exciting ideas that will help realise the full potential of the sport of kings.

I believe in the concept and the team behind it.

Clare Balding

Author, Television and Radio Commentator and Presenter - and Non-executive Director for Eclipse Magazine Ltd, Visit Clare's Website

What DO our readers need so they can enjoy their Racegoing Lifestyle?

Media Pack for Advertisers
Media Pack for Advertisers
Media Pack for Advertisers


The list goes on…
Media Pack for Advertisers
Media Pack for Advertisers

So… would you like to tell them about what YOU do?

Trust us, they’ll want to know.

Still not convinced?

We have a dedicated Fashion and Beauty Editor and we are frequently asked to supply racing fashion articles to other websites, including in the past, the racing industry’s official marketing website Lovetheraces.com.

Do you fit the bill?

Bespoke’, ‘unique’, ‘exclusive’, ‘quality’, ‘handmade’, ‘British’ and ‘independent’ are some of the key concepts that make products and services attractive to our readers.



Finding something special is an essential ingredient in the overall racegoing experience and lifestyle.


Eclipse Magazine works with British racecourses, industry bodies and many people and companies connected with racing. We also have international contacts all around the world.

As Racegoers, our readers

…have definite needs for different aspects of their day out. Planning often begins months in advance.

And individuality is key.

What are you waiting for?

Email [email protected] to discuss your requirements (NOW!).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?
We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within seven days of your Banner, Advertorial or Competition going live (less an administration fee of £50). If you are not satisfied with your ad (etc), then simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not completely happy with what we have done, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member. If however, within those seven days you simply wish to change an image or some of the wording on your ad/competition, we are happy to work with you to achieve the best possible result.
What if I want MORE? Can I upgrade after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time after signing up.
Can I change the contents of my advertorial?

Everybody who places an advertorial with Eclipse Magazine has seven days from the page going live to adjust the text and images until they are delighted with the result.

We are happy to change banner images and competition text within the same timeframe.

When you renew your package with us, you can of course renew your content as well!

What are your Terms and Conditions for advertisers?
Our full Terms and Conditions can be found here

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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