Milliners at London Fashion Week SS19

Get ready for the spring/summer races with our London Fashion Week milliners. #RockitforRacing

Stephen Jones – Parfum Collection

Titled Parfum, the collection is inspired and named after Stephen’s favourite fragrances he has worn throughout the years. He captures their essences in his collection.

Bal a Versailles inspired by the iconic Jean Desprez floral oriental fragrance. Covering the hat’s crown is a satin photo print of Fragonard’s risqué ‘The Swing’ surrounded by a large lurex sinamay brim.

Parfum Sacre inspired by the ultra feminine Caron Paris fragrance.  Emulating the gold colour, the large capeline is of gilded Swiss straw with matching scarabs.

Stephen wore L’Heure Bleu by Guerlain in his New Romantic times. Multicoloured layered tulle veils on a net beret with rhinestone moon hat pin, like the fragrance, the hat represents the bluish hour of dusk.

Signoricci inspired by Nina Ricci men’s fragrance; this headpiece is a veiled crin half baseball cap with a scented trim of oak moss, tonka bean, amber and labdanum.

Other headpieces include:

Poivre after the Caron Paris fragrance of the same name. An onion dome of pleated pinupok straw embroidered with bubbles and a burnt orange coq feather mount.

Sublime inspired by the Patou fragrance. A gold shaded crin lotus fascinator.

Bois de Violette inspired by Serge Lutens fragrance– a shaded crin violet with pearls and veiling.

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Merve Bayinder – Whispers of Sensations

Inspired by Georgia O’Keefe paintings that explore the hidden emotions and different faces of women. With a wide range of colour scheme each line in the collection has something different yet elegant to offer.

Poise – lavish details of embroidery and real pearls/mother of pearl used. The Pink Pearl beret is the epitome of poise.

Heavenly – detailed flowers of peony, fuchsia and water lilies are made with a mixture of violet, light pink and nude shades to create a sense of calm and exquisiteness. The Garden of Eve hat overflows with hand made silk taffeta flowers.

Whimsical – cool colours of grey and light pink with sparkles acting as reflections. The Essence disc creates a tranquil edgy style.

Spellbinding – combination of black & white and black & pink for a statement piece. The Captive creates a strong and dramatic look.

Other headpieces include:

Purple Dahlia from the playful Violet line.

The large Rose from the romantic Reflection line filled with different sizes of hand painted roses.

Quirky Beret adorned with multi coloured metallic squares from the colourful Rouge line.

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William Chambers – The Victorian Explorer

For SS19 William was inspired by the colourful paintings of Marianne North, the Victorian biologist, explorer and botanical artist.

Super Peony beret inspired by North’s many paintings of a single peony.

Vanda coolie. The orchid Vanda has fragrant and intensely colourful flowers, plus blue is rare among orchids.

The Rose Bouquet trails across the tulle of a button beret.

The Mini Orchid Button strikes a dramatic pose adorned with rare black orchids and ethereal feathers.

Other headpieces include:

Veiled Glory circular wired netted beret.

Ostrich feather sidesweep hat.

Pale pink Crin midi sidesweep.

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The Season Hats – Fusion

SS19 is a mix of whimsical tulle and laser cut faux dupion.

In classic black are the feminine folding tulle saucer headpiece and the small but quirky tulle and faux dupion pleated top hat.

The translucency of the tulle lifts the black and allows light to shine through whilst adding a touch of mystery.

Other styles in folding pleated tulle are the beret, beanie and headband.

Creating a statement is the faux dupion ruffle headpiece – available in golden yellow or red.

For the more subtle coolie style is the cut out faux dupion disc in mid powder blue.

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