Except for the heatwave a few weeks ago (which was received with much joy in our house!!!) autumn is truly here. Summer is my favourite season but I love autumn: I love the colours and the crisp mornings.

I also love the fact there always seems to be some fabulous drama season on television. Sunday nights have not been the same since Downton Abbey reappeared on our screens. I love the costumes on the show and of course the fabulous hats.

I have recently been lucky enough to be asked by the York Archaeological Trust to design a hat for an exhibition at Barley Hall York. The beautiful clothes and hats in the exhibition include those seen in the King's Speech and of course Downtown Abbey.

Another thing that gets me excited at this time of year is the arrival of the new season’s collections in the shops (I know I need to get a life). This season the clothes are fantastic, really wearable and quite equestrian in theme.
Tweed has filtered into mainstream stores which is fantastic news for us here in Yorkshire as we still do have the best tweed manufacturers in the world. Abraham Moon in Guiseley produces the most stunning collections and supplies the world’s top fashion houses.

So even though the rest of the country might laugh at us in the north for wearing our iconic tweed caps we are in fact a bunch of fashionistas at heart!!!!

Tweed is fantastic for winter it is so warm and so so stylish. I have a collection of tweed hacking jackets in my wardrobe (too embarrassed to mention how many!!) but with jeans they do offer a stylish option for popping to the shops; team with a felt hat and you will be good enough for the pavements of Milan or Paris.

Equally tweed looks fabulous when dressed up and worn to the races. With the National Hunt season approaching it will be de-rigueur to wear tweed this season. Moloh do the most fabulous tweed and I urge you all to take a look their collection. It is stunning.

As far as headwear is concerned, if you are not from Yorkshire and do not fancy wearing a tweed cap(!), a fabulous felt hat in a trilby style (again a big catwalk trend) or a classic cloche will look fantastic. Speaking of cloche hats I think Downtown is due to start….




"I qualified with a distinction in HNC Millinery at the Leeds College of Art in July 2010.  I specialise in designing and hand making one-off bespoke hats and headpieces both in classic and contemporary styles, although Winter Fashion  forward pieces is where my passion really lies.

"Before graduating I was offered a commission to design and make a collection of 1940s hats for an exhibition at one of the country's leading tourist attractions. I have also collaborated both locally and nationally with LK Bennett, one of the country's most prestigious fashion brands.

"I have a real passion for my art, and I hope this is conveyed in each individual piece I design and produce. I believe designs that hold true to our British heritage have a strong place in today’s market where customers are seeking providence from the goods they buy.

"I live in Ampleforth on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, an area which is truly inspirational. I live at home with my two daughters. My husband is in the oil industry and travels away from home frequently. We have a soft Labrador called Harry, we enjoy a daily walk on the moors. When I do have time I love riding and make the most of the open moors for a good gallop!!

"I travel to Paris on a regular basis and again this is a huge inspiration to me. The city is so beautiful and I have always had a love of the French fashion houses of Chanel and Dior. I have a love of vintage clothes and I feel this feeds my inspiration."



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