The National Association of Stable Staff (NASS) is the trade union for Stable Staff. It has 45% of eligible Stable Staff in membership and is affiliated to the Trades Union Congress (TUC). It was previously the Stable Lads Association and changed its name in 2007 as part of a rejuvenation of the organisation.

Membership is free to Stable Staff in paid employment with licensed and permit-holding Trainers. Advice, guidance and representation is given to all Stable Staff and not just NASS Members, due to the unusual funding of NASS.

NASS has to date won £565,000 in compensation for Stable Staff and has never lost a case at an Employment Tribunal. Jim Cornelius, Chief Executive of NASS, said: “Whilst we unusually provide advice and representation to Stable Staff who haven’t become full Members of NASS, there are three very good reasons to join. Firstly the more Members we have then the greater recognition and notice we will get when speaking on behalf of Stable Staff. Secondly, its free to join and thirdly in the event of needing legal representation beyond the workplace such as at an Employment Tribunal to claim unfair dismissal or discrimination, NASS will meet the legal costs of Members whilst offering the alternative of ‘no win no fee’ representation to those who haven’t joined, which can make a difference to pursuing the case.”

NASS offers others in racing not eligible for free membership to join as a 'fee-paying' Member at the low cost of £5 per month and has just publically announced that it is now providing that type of Membership to staff employed by Stud Farms too.

Members of the public interested in racing are invited to join the NASS sister organisation called Supporters of Stable Staff, which offers the opportunity to join in with the social side of NASS. NASS also boasts a football team which is currently preparing for a return football match with the Irish Stable Staff Association, after NASS hosted the inaugural challenge last year in Newmarket. 

If you would like to become involved with NASS or the Supporters of Stable Staff organisation, please contact the NASS Head office on 01283 211522 or via its website, all communications and queries are speedily responded to.

Pictured: Top – NASS representatives attending a London conference; below – the NASS football team.

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