Violet – Eyes: Ultra Violet has been crowned THE Pantone Colour for 2018, transforming the purple shade from a shrinking violet into a super hue.

Here to take us through a step by step make up guide on how to apply and dazzle using this mystical shade is Prima Makeup, the glittering cosmetic brand.

Step 1. Sweep a nude base colour all over the eyelid. Then apply a light purple shade to the inner and outer sections of the eye leaving the centre nude. Also apply the light purple all along the crease of the eyelid.

For a nude shade, Eclipse recommends NYX Immaculate and for light purple NYX Flirt. Price £3.50 each from Boots.

Step 2. Take a darker shade of purple and apply to the outer and inner of your eye from the upper lash line and up into the crease of the eyelid. Blend in the darker shade still leaving the centre nude.

Eclipse recommends Clinique’s Purple Pumps matte shade. £17 from House of Fraser.

Step 3. Apply a light purple metallic or shimmering shadow to the centre section of the lid over the nude area

Eclipse recommends Clinique’s Lavender Out Loud soft shimmer shade, price £17.

Or for a super shimmer choose Clinique’s Rock Violet.

Step 4. Using a dabbing motion, apply Prima Makeup ‘I Really Really Lilac You’ pressed glitter onto the centre of your lid (shown in the image). Price £3 via Etsy.

Or if you want to go for the stronger shade of Ultra Violet, then choose their ‘Your Turning Violet, Violet!’

(Both shades shown in main image, top.)

Step 5. Apply the darker purple shade and line underneath your eye followed by a small section of pressed glitter in the centre.

Step 6. For a more dramatic effect, apply black liquid liner to outline your eyes Apply mascara or false eyelashes.

Nailed It!

We’ve mesmerised you with sparkle, now it’s time to nail the violet look with a touch of magic!

Coze nail polish’s Frozen (thermal) reacts to cold temperatures and will change from blue to purple with shifts of pink when it gets cold. Price £7.50 via Etsy.

The formulation is cruelty free, vegan and EU compliant.

For an opaque and glossy finish, apply two coats and finish off with a topcoat.

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