Olfactory Journey with Men’s Fragrances

New fragrances to magically transport your olfactory senses to exotic destinations and back to mystical times. Are you ready for such an exciting exploration?

Bentley Beyond – The Collection

Just the beginning of several aromatic journeys, the first trip features three fragrances to three different countries.

Bottle design: emulating the cut-crystal glass headlights of the Continental GT whilst the hand stitched leather cap is driven by the car’s interior and the colour chosen along with the tint of the scent from their large range of interior colour options.

Price: £165 for 100ml EDP.

Exotic MuskAcapulco, Mexico

An amberly musky composition by Mathilde Bijaoui.

Blue tint of the scent and the teal leather cap represent Acapulco’s Pacific Ocean coast. Musk evokes the sensuality of steamy nights; amber woods the sunset glow and Tonka bean the lustre of a black pearl.

Top notes: Orris, Ambery woods.

Heart: Tonka Bean, Ambranone, Orcanox.

Base note: Musk, White wood.

Wild Vetiver – Java, Indonesia

An aromatic woody scent by Sidonie Lancesseur.

The scent’s green tint and the cap’s mustard yellow recall lush rainforests, ancient stone temples, rice plantations and smouldering volcanoes.

Top notes: Bergamot, Pepper.

Heart: Verbena, Vetiver (from the roots of a bush growing wild in Indonesia).

Base notes: Birch, Amberwood.

Majestic Cashmere – Goa, India

A woody fragrance by Julie Masse.

Amber tint and plum leather conjures up lush tropical beaches of Goa, a haven for chic Bohemians. Patchouli, incense and vetiver Bourbon are quintessentially Indian notes.

Top notes: Incense, Coriander, Ambrette absolute (a vegetal musk drawn from hibiscus seeds).

Heart: Cashmere Woods, Orris absolute, Tonka bean.

Base notes: Vetiver Bourbon, Orcanox, Patchouli, Musk, Labdanum resinoid.

DS&Durga – Amber Cycle

A journey back in time drawn from myths, history and rituals to two different countries. Their only common denominator being amber. Like myths, amber formulations change over time, constantly reinterpreted.

 Price: £148 for 50ml, £220 for 100ml EDP available from Liberty London. Unisex fragrances.

Amber Kiso – Kiso Forest, Japan

A woody amber fragrance inspired by Kiso forest (where wood was so valued common people were prohibited from cutting trees down), Samurai’s leather bushi armour, temple incense and the ceremonial katana.

Top notes: Japanese cedar, Incense, Sawara cypress.

Heart: Asahi-Zuru maple, Patchouli, Iris.

Base notes: Hinoki, Leather and Tree moss.

Amber Teutonic – Austrian Alps.

A green woody amber fragrance inspired by Gustav Mahler’s composing hut, horn echoes in a primeval forest and a Nibelungian hoard of precious emerald ambers.

Top notes: Alpine cedar, cardamom, green mandarin.

Heart: Geranium, European larch, Templin cone.

Base notes: Austrian pine, Opoponux, Musk.


Orto Parisi

Megamare – The Vast Sea

Inspired by the greatness of the oceans, this new fragrance is a sea voyage to the shores of new lands. Price £138 for 50ml EDP, from Liberty London.

Alessandro Gualtieri, the founder and perfumer, never reveals the notes of his fragrances – this itself is a voyage of discovery.

Flacon is clear glass with greenish silver metal cap to emulate the corrosion caused by salty waters with an inlaid seashell. The label is Savile Row tweed paper with a fine herringbone structure.

Guess 1981

Guess 1981 Los Angeles

Inspiration was taken from the surrounding mountains, deserts and seascapes at sunset. This carefree embodiment of California embraces the adventurous spirit of the brand. The fragrance tint and packaging is the colour of an amber sunset

Price: £45 for 100ml EDT.

Top notes: Black pepper, Plum, Bergamot.

Heart: Spearmint, Red ginger, Geranium.

Base notes: Tobacco, Amber, Vetiver, Sandalwood.

Coming out soon!

Thameen – Sovereign Collection

Returning home from your olfactory travels, explore the mystery and majesty of the British Crown Jewels with Thameen’s Sovereign Collection.

Price: £195 for 50ml EDP.

This niche British perfume brand combines the best of Eastern richness with Western refinement.


The latest in the collection has Myrrh as the signature note, a divine ingredient at the heart of royal ceremonies across the ages.

Top notes: Coriander, Madagascan Cloves, Brazilian Pink Peppercorn.

Heart: Peach, Wisteria, African Ylang Ylang, Patchouli.

Base notes: Amber, Ambergris, Somali Myrrh, Siam Benzoin.

Twist & SpritzOn the Go

Going straight from the gym to work; out on the town after work or on a vacation, take a leaf out of the ladies’ perfume book and use a Twist & Spritz atomiser instead of carrying a bulky fragrance bottle. This travel sized atomiser, available from The Fragrance Shop, gives around 100 sprays, enough sprays for a holiday, and if not then take two! At £12 you can splash out. Colours include black marble, textured black, plain black and silver but if you want to be flamboyant there is purple, electric blue and hot pink glitter.

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