Paris Couture Fashion Week AW19

For those winning days at the winter races, go couture chic from the catwalks of Paris.


Maria Aristidou – Clair de Lune

Maria Aristidou’s knitwear couture collection is an ode to Clair de Lune – the moonlight that dresses up the night and sets the mood, inspiring romanticism.

Lurex flickers and glistens like the moonlit sky.

Hand embroidered embellishments sparkle on dark velvet collars like stars in the night. 

Her pattern shimmers like moonlight on water. 

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Patrick Pham – Pearl of the Far East

Pham uses handmade textile materials from Vietnam’s weaving villages and handmade accessories made by artisans from Hue, the Imperial city of the Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam.

Luxurious black leather like ‘Lanh My A’ silk is used for two of his trouser suits. To create this black leather look, only the best and healthiest silk threads are taken and the woven silk is dyed through a unique process that takes nearly five months to complete. Fabric must go through two dyeing cycles and sun drying in the wind.

From black to the colourful, Pham’s sparkly double breasted skirt suit is made of brocade strips, a trade that has been passed down from generation to generation in the ethnic minorities of Vietnam in such a way to reflect the characteristics of their culture.  The embossed strips are loosened along the hemline and sleeves to create a playful twist. The ankle boots also have matching brocade strips along the toes and the platform is made of local jackfruit wood.

More brocade stripes appear on a golden leather trouser suit. Looking very regal with matching coronet shaped hat.

For those colder winter days, Pham’s heavily embroidered dress and trouser suit adorned with shaggy shearling will keep you warm and stylish. The dress is embellished with jackfruit wood beads. 

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Alianna Liu RTW

Inspired by a jellyfish bloom the designer encountered whilst relaxing on her surfboard in a calm sea.

Pencil skirts of tailored wool suits are adorned with tassels representing jellyfish tentacles and double layered with a wide colourful transparent hemline billowing in the shape of the jellyfish umbrella head.

Blue swirling patterns on an embroidered bomber jacket and a silk jacquard skirt are inspired by these creatures in the sea.

Alianna’s collection is available to buy via

Photography credit – Greg Alexander.

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