Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018 Highlights


Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2018 – Highlights

Le Studio Pierre

Titled ‘Jurassic Pierre’, the AW18 collection of Le Studio Pierre pays a tribute to childhood during the ’70s with a humoristic twist inspired by the Jurassic times.


Colour palette emulates the blazing tonalities of volcanic eruptions.

Semi opaque gunmetal slip dress and over the knee socks sparkle like crystalline lava rocks and a black shaggy jumpsuit glistens like obsidian volcanic rock.

Boy scouts’ scarves with a dinosaur print are used as suspenders on overalls and as headscarves teamed with oversized faux fur teddy bear trousers.

Photography by Emma Descraques.

Neith Nyer

Titled ‘The Bad Taste Ball’ the collection is named after the parties the designer’s parents attended in Brazil in the late ’80s. “It was nothing like Carnival,” remembers designer Francisco Terra, “People were not wearing costumes; it was all about fashion, and pushing the limits of the acceptable.’’ By blurring the lines between vulgarity and elegance, he seeks to give a higher status to what is commonly considered distasteful.

As they were out for the night, Francisco watched movies like The Never Ending Story or The Little Mermaid. The dreamy aesthetic of the images was somehow linked for him to the party his parents were going to – a place of mystery and excess.

Colour palette features the carnival colours of orange, black and purple mixed with pink – a colour which is part of the brand’s DNA.

This same palette is also used by the artist Matthias Garcia who created a series of exclusive paintings for the collection. The prints depict a bestiary inspired by fantasy movies.

 While the jewellery, designed and created by Florence Tetier, portrays a menagerie of eccentric little sea creatures.

The sentences printed on the shirts stand as the manifesto of the collection. Those sentences, seen by many as the essence of bad taste, also carry beauty and poetry.

The boots and shoes are a collaboration with shoemaker.

Photography by  Marcio Madeira.

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