Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week AW17 – Part 2


The collection is a junction between Gaudi’s organic architecture and Dali’s dreamlike abstraction.

Silk, wool, velvet and cotton highlight the flexibility and adaptability of looks.

The colour palette ranges from black and pale pink to gray, cardinal violet and white.

The designs are dotted with special elements, details dear to Patuna’s work, which punctuate the collection.

 Just like Gala, Dali’s muse, the woman Patuna is a woman of character, free and impetuous.

Our outfit choice for a day at the races is:

LASKARIS – Titled ‘Prisma’

The PRISM is the key that opens the door to the collection of the Greek designer Laskaris.

A journey to a surreal world, where you are welcome to follow the light, its anamorphosis, its multiple facets, which are, according to the designer, the meaning of life.

The main colours are black, red, white and gold. Fabrics are linen, cashmere and leather.

The enamels in the collection are hand-moulded in his atelier in Athens.

The purity of the lines symbolises the different roads that each of us must choose throughout our lives.

The collection is strongly influenced by the Greek culture. From the soul of Nikos Engonópoulos, Laskaris extracted hope and vital force.

“My work is only a reflection of what I think, I feel, I try and I realise… Knowing how to see a situation with the eyes of the spirit is the best way to see it with the greatest objectivity possible. To see means to conceive, and that is the true nature of thought.”

Our outfit choice for a day at the races is:

MARIA ARISTIDOU – Titled  ‘Belle âme – a beautiful soul’

The designer tells a story of a woman who is united no matter the difficulties, the setbacks, the ups and downs, no matter the colour, the religion, the beliefs; women can conquer the world.

This collection of knits has a Mod ’60s vibe with A-line minis and flare jumpsuits.

Thick black beads form the petals of a daisy whilst wool yarns are coiled to create elaborate textured designs.

Our choice for the races:

These soft knitted coats are glamorous and smart enough for The Cheltenham Festival.

Ice blue top and Capri pants in shiny metallic knit offers a statement racing outfit. Team with long or ankle boots and a cape.

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