Pisces Annual Horoscope 2017

The Saturn/Neptune square of 2016 made one of the hardest years for a long time for many of you. Both of these planets continue to affect you in challenging ways, just not quite so hard as last year.

The emphasis has moved on with Saturn; he’s now influencing those of you born in the last ten days of Pisces, whilst Neptune is finally leaving those February Pisceans alone and concentrating on those born at the start of March.

As the second half of 2017 unfolds, the pressure eases and from October onwards it gets definitively lighter, but let’s get you there first. The high point of the year in terms of being proactive and energised is during January when Mars is in your sign.

Pluto will be bringing opportunities for growth and self development to those born from 7th–9th March.

Neptune will conjunct the Sun of those of you born from the 2nd–4th March, so be prepared as best as you can…

Uranus isn’t touching you directly during 2017.

Saturn will challenge those of born 12th–18th March to bring clear boundaries into your life.

Jupiter brings an element of fortune and growth to those born before 7th March from mid October onwards.

Mars leaves Pisces on the 28th January.

Venus is with you from 3rd January to 3rd February.

Mercury enters your sign on 25th February and leaves on 13th March.

New Moon – strong partial eclipse – is on 26th February.

Full Moon is on 6th September.

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