It looks like some people are attending sporting events with other agendas, as 45% of people surveyed admitted to meeting a love interest at a sporting event.


Within this group, Horse Racing proved the most likely sporting venue accounting for 35.6% of the people compared with only 10% in GAA and rugby.



Indeed, 72.5% believe that racing is the most likely sporting event to meet your match so if you are looking for love, go racing for romance!

A whopping 84.4% percent of the sample had been racing within the past twelve months, with the majority of attendees being aged between 25 and 34 (37.4%) showing the popularity of the sport within the younger audience.

‘The Horses’ emerged as the most popular reason as to why people go racing (68.1%) with ‘Socialising’ the second highest (53.1%), not surprising as so many find it a good place to meet a loved one!

Horse Racing Ireland PR Manager, Tamso Doyle commented on the results of the survey: “We decided to have a light-hearted look at horse racing in Ireland and have produced some very interesting results such as whom people most associate with racing. It seems Ruby [Walsh] is well ahead of that field in that regard! The results also illustrated how an increasing amount of young people are turning to racing and see it as a vibrant activity and a great place to socialise”.

  • The online survey was sent out to over 3,000 people via email databases and facebook
  • 413 people took part in the survey
  • The gender breakdown was 60% male (247) and 40% female (165)

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