The Belaire Rainbow ‘Pop Cocktail’

Luc Belaire, producer of premium sparkling wines, has launched a range of delicious lollipops designed to complement the flavours of each of its flagship cuvées. We present ‘The Belaire Rainbow’.

The Rosé, Gold and Luxe suckers have exquisite flavours that pair perfectly with the wine:

  • The Rosé Lollipop has flavours of strawberry, blackcurrant and blueberry
  • The Gold Lollipop is a blend of white raspberry and honeysuckle
  • The Luxe Lollipop has Pomegranate and peach flavours

Each of the ‘pops are designed to offer fans a new taste experience, and can be served to customers around the bottle neck in an innovative display method.

To promote the lollies Luc Belaire has also created an avant-garde new cocktail The Belaire Rainbow ‘Pop in partnership with Hush Brasserie, Mayfair in London.

The eye-catching drink uses Belaire’s signature cuvée Belaire Rosé and summer fruit ingredients presented in a rainbow coloured skull glass, crowned with the tasty treats!


50ml Luc Belaire Rosé
50ml Apple Juice
50ml Vodka
1 Fresh Raspberry
3 Fress Blueberry
1 Fresh Blackberry
Crushed ice


Mix the vodka, violet liqueur and apple juice in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a highball glass and top with Belaire Rosé. Use crushed ice in a larger vessel and wedge the highball glass in the centre. Garnish with one raspberry, blackberry and blueberry and plenty of Belaire Lollipops, placing the sticks of each lollipop into the crushed ice. Use two short straws to enjoy!

For more information visit and follow @OfficialBelaire on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SuckerForBelaire to join in the chat about the lollipops online!

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