Trainer Nicky Hugo Racing off to a show with her pony in the car

Trainer Nicky Hugo reviews her perfect transport for ponies!

Racehorse trainer Nicky Hugo, who grew up in Cheshire, started her training career in South Africa and now trains in Newmarket (Nicky Hugo Racing) where her daughter Michelle Hugo (retired Jockey) is a protection advisor to jockeys.

Being ‘pony mad’ as a girl, trainer Nicky Hugo learned to ride at a young age and was always competitive (both to prove useful characteristics for becoming a racing trainer later in life!).

This photo shows Nicky as a child with her pony enjoying his usual transport to a show. Both pony and child were completely unfazed by the lack of trailer as they all fitted into the car perfectly!

These days Nicky is able to rustle up more suitable transport for her charges but looks back fondly on the old days and was delighted to share this photo with Eclipse Magazine readers – Many thanks Nicky!

(Sadly, we have to say: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME FOLKS! Ah, the good old days…)

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