Virgo Annual Horoscope 2017

2017 will be a mixture of growth and challenge, with those born in the middle ten days of September the ones who are under the greatest pressure, courtesy of Saturn. Admittedly, those also born in the middle of the first week of September are under Neptune’s influence as well, making this a difficult year for many of you.

But there is also an element of stamina and psychological strength emerging as the year develops, and to quote Above & Beyond, ‘only the brave find hope’.

Stay close to but underneath the radar screen, emerging occasionally for effective and efficient reasons involving practical growth and material reward. The high of point of the year is from early September to late October.

Pluto is bringing psychological wealth to those of you born from the 9th–11th September.

Neptune will oppose the Sun of those born from the 4th–6th September so be prepared for a challenging year.

Uranus isn’t directly affecting you during 2017.

Saturn will square the Sun of those born from 14th–21st September, so be prepared…

Jupiter won’t touch you until mid-October from when he brings elements of fortune to those born before September 9th.

Mars visits from 5th September to 22nd October.

Venus is with you from 20th September to 14th October.

Mercury is with you from 25th July to 31st August and then from 10th–30th September.

New Moon is on 20th September.

Full Moon is on 12th March.

Copyright Steve Judd 2016.

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