September 2019

You may feel you are back in the zone and feel razor-sharp
at the beginning of the month, Aquarius.

You are ready for business. Expect to tie up loose ends for a large part of the month. This will help you speed up the positive momentum of your life. 

Later in the month you will notice getting green light to start moving forward in every area. Including career that you wanted improvement on for a long time. It is possible you now find out who that someone is who has been working against you behind the scenes.  

Looking at the value of your possessions, getting a realtor or estate agent in, studying and comparing insurances and ‘doing the numbers’ can bring you more windfalls.   

The 10th and 11th of September are days for you that you can do the unthinkable. Others would consider it ‘crazy plans’ and undo-able, bt you can make it a reality. These are the visionary skills Aquarius is known for and they are charged and set for success on those two days.   

Children’s and pet names turn out to be extremely lucky for you this month. 

Lucky Days: September 1, September 5


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