September 2019

Let’s start with the good news, Cancer.

Because you may think you just can’t catch a break lately. You are not mistaken, because your sign is getting a lot of pressure and attention. The key is to culminate it into expansion instead of holding on for dear life. Change is happening, and you can either ride the wave or resist. Hint: ride the wave!

Just one person can’t change the cosmic tides. You are advised to get your ducks in a row this full month. It’s an excellent month to correct past mistakes, reap the lessons from trial and error, and build up your money affairs. 

Ideally, you get organized before Saturn goes direct opposite your sign on the 18th. Expect immediate tests coming up that ask you to show you do have those ducks lined up. Between the 18th and 28th you can either expect instant rewards or you are troubleshooting and have to make decisions constantly. Don’t howl out of frustration when that happens. It just shows you where to adjust.   

Going out for a drink and connecting with people from your community may bring unexpected luck and connections you seek. Long-term investments may be complicated, while a ‘quick buck’ can be favourable. Mind your wallet in public.

Lucky Motto of the Month: I create my luck. I turn every circumstance in my favour.  

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