August 2019

PHEW! You made it, Cancer.

It’s ok, you lived and you may breathe again. All relationships and connections that may have felt all up in the air last Month, while everyone also tested your boundaries (and patience!) seem to fall into place like more organized puzzle pieces. Bonus points for allowing more clarity on your finances. Both incoming and outgoing.  

You may feel like the Universe is looking at you through a massive looking glass, and you are right. You are working towards significant transformations in multiple areas of your life. Don’t forget to laugh though, not everything that you uncovered should be taken seriously. Let your hair down, enjoy some extra downtime, and allow yourself to stay late at that summer festival.   

The 11th and 13th of August can be advantageous to correct course on business and career investments. 

Cutting away one of your expenses may bring you a lucky letter. 

Lucky numbers: 61, 7, 82

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