October 2019

Saddle your horses and get ready for the ride, Capricorn!

You’ve got a lot going on with Pluto going direct in your sign the 3rd of October. That’s not all: you have Saturn and the South node in the mix and all come with an extra sauce of challenging aspects to other planets. 

In short: win or lose, it all depends on how skilled you are in navigating past potential difficulties and how quickly you dare to decide. For some, that means changing course when you were right in the middle of it. Remember to use your power wisely. If you see it’s heading towards disaster, but you are unwilling to let go because you’ve invested in it: which part of your wit will you believe? The part that sees the disaster and tries avoiding it or the one behaving like a headless horseman? 

The stars advice you to follow your mind here. Bottled up frustration can find an outlet at the gym. Do not let it lead you to arrogant decision making and asserting your will. This inflexible attitude will have you lose later on. The Full Moon on the 13th of October may illuminate your best next steps. Or you may decide to channel all intense emotions of the past weeks in a steamy encounter. Much more pleasurable than getting caught up in endless arguments.        

Cross country racing may bring the fresh air and luck you seek. 

Lucky number: 6

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