September 2019

It’s a pretty solid Month for you Gemini.

Your brilliant mind is working at top speed and you’ll start feeling like you are inside the scifi movie The Matrix. Just like the lead character you can see precisely what particles need moving and shifting to create the outcomes you desire.  It’s best to not instantly reveal and communicate your plans, but allow yourself to work out the details first. 

In regards to your love relationships, there’s the possibility you’ll be misunderstood or accused of only focussing on what’s important for you and ‘leaving the other person out’. There’s no real advantage in trying to explain yourself or charm the other person, because you may find yourself being accused of being domineering and manipulating. 

After the 20th people in your environment start to loosen up again and things become ‘less of a big deal’. Communication will be more comfortable and fun.   

Getting your home environment ‘winter ready’ is positive. 

A sun-lit tower can fuel and inspire your personal luck and success. 

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