July 2019

Start the month blissful Gemini.

You’ll be particularly sharp of mind the 1st and 2nd of the Month. While many around you may feel tense, you are the one bringing in the good vibes and laughs. And you may see several people eyeing you longingly because you’ve got that special something about you. Want to impress a love interest? Do it now. Venus and the Moon make you irresistible.

If there are projects that need finishing and in need of wit or clever wording they are best done at the beginning of the month. You can bring in the magic and wow people with words. Don’t get carried away with that ease just yet, because halfway into the month you can hit a temporary rough spot. Sit out any impulses you may get the weekend of the 12th and the 13th of the month because it’s more likely they’ll lead to losses instead of gains. After the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th things will pick up again.

Mind your back and shoulders this month and pay attention to competitive sports that are appealing to you. A friendly battle can get you just what you want and an unexpected visitor can have the dice rolling in your favour.


Luck is found in red and white cars and the number 11.   

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