August 2019

Did someone say Love? Or was that you, you big tiger stallion of a Leo.

Everyone is feeling the Romance this month with the Sun in your home sign conjunct Pleasure Planet Venus. On top of that Venus in Leo is making a beautiful trine to Jupiter which enlarges feelings of Romance, relaxing, joy, and indulging. 

And as the leader of the Zodiac you are indeed the first beneficiary in regards to this. Mind the 11th of August. This may turn out to be a bit of a wonky day. Some communication issues may occur with people in your environment that you thought were resolved. If that remains quiet: the 11th can bring surprising, but not unwelcoming plot twists. There’s no in-between anything on this day. And you can thank unpredictable Uranus for that.  

Love, luck and money are linked abroad. 

Lucky Days: August 8, 9 and 15

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