Your Leo Horoscope


November 2019

Communication can be feisty for you this month, Leo.

Yes, not taking no for an answer and bold pursuing can get you to connect with networks that were out of reach previously. You may even be invited to step up on prestigious stages to share knowledge, art, or anything related to your passions.

Your boldness could also play out in a more rebellious way in which you feel like disagreeing with everything and everyone. Tact isn’t your best quality this month. Think before you speak.

Now that the colder months are near it’s a great time to examine what needs maintenance or replacing in the house. If you will not look ahead and take charge, maintenance issues likely come to the surface. Best be ahead of it to save money. 

Speaking of finances: be careful of impulse spending around the 18th and 19th of the month. Your senses to indulge or book luxurious trips will be heightened.  

A song about sailing may kickstart a lucky chain of events. 

Lucky times: between 11- and 01:00  

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