October 2019

Family secrets and unknown ancestry facts can come to light this month, Leo.

Even though it may turn out that you’ll have to sit down and listen to grandma’s and grandpa’s stories from way back at a family dinner. The revelation may bring you closer together or have you re-evaluate and appreciate your family history. There’s love for the home and home environment in the stars. Renovations, improvements or selling your house can all be favourable. 

In the work environment, it will feel like things are starting to fall back into place for you. You’ve developed a routine that supports you throughout the day. If the pressure has been too high or your co-workers are too bossy then start preparing for a switch of jobs now. Plan it wisely and without rush. 

You’ll have extremely intuitive hits when it comes to money this month. Follow your gut feeling. Pay close attention to feeling disaster versus increase. You’ll be correct with both. To profit you will have to start  trusting yourself. 

The Northern stars and Iceland will have a lucky connection. Move withered flowers from your property to improve success.  

Lucky Day: October 31st 

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